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I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…well, actually I can.

Last week I saw this 7 patty Whopper on the web and absolutely had to have one.
Unfortunately they are only available in Japan. Knowing that Burger King’s slogan is “have it your way,” we took a trip to our local BK (Saugus, CA) and asked them to make us one. We caused quite a stir in the place (I guess we were the first people to want 7 hamburger patties on 1 burger…go figure) but they happily made us our Windows 7 Whopper. They even delivered it to our table!

It looked just as good, and big, as it did in the picture!

And to top off the wonderful experience, one of my pictures was later featured on the LA Weekly foodblog:

Oh, and yeah, I really ate the whole thing!

The Windows 7 Whopper cost a little under $15.00. The experience…priceless!

Link to an article about the Windows 7 Whopper:

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