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Bacon Memories - Bacon Martinis

My BFF Forest and I enjoying Bacon Martinis at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas

Two words: Bacon Martini

Really, did I drink one too many Grey Goose martinis, die of alcohol poisoning, and go to bacon heaven? Bacon and vodka together? Yes, it is true…there is a God…because there is a bacon martini. Obviously someone up there heard my prayers and sent this magical drink down from the heavens. I am betting angels brought it down themselves.

The bacon vodka is a clear bottle filled with vodka, strips of bacon, and globules of bacon fat. Honestly, it is not a pretty sight. As a matter of fact, even for the bacon freak, it is quite frightening. The martini itself is icy bits of bacon and bacon fat globules floating in a glass of the bacon infused vodka. Knowing in advance that they do not provide a bacon garnish, I brought my own. Yes, I am a bacon dork…what?

The bacon martini is indeed delicious and leaves a film of bacon fat on the lips…kind of like bacon chapstick. Yummmmm, bacon chapstick!

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